Toutenkamion Group got successfully the ISO 9001 and 14001 certification rewarding the quality and environmental policy of the group. Our 3 subsidiaries deploy it in a process oriented as a priority towards the satisfaction of our customers and in compliance with environmental standards.

Transport your team and/or your customers with our product range. Thanks to years of experience and expertise, we integrate additional seating in your cab. This addition, allows up to 9 seats, can be equipped with glazings and doors.

Discover the transformation of this second hand vehicle bought by an amateur motor race driver and refurbished by Toutenkamion.

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Certification ISO 9001 Toutenkamion Group
Certification ISO 14001 Toutenkamion Group
Opérateur Qualifié UTAC CERAM
Membre de la Fédération Française de la Carrosserie
French Healthcare
La FrenchFab
Région Centre - Val de Loire
Union Européenne - La Région s'engage avec Feder