Because our products are ever more complex but must still be delivered at a competitive price in the shortest possible time we have imagined and developed over the last 40 years a unique design tool.

This technique of full-scale modelling, constantly being improved and linked to the most efficient calculation and simulation softwares, enables us to significantly reduce the time from design to manufacture and insures against any mistakes concerning build geometry and interpretation.

Our Design team is at the roof of a great number of patents and must constantly innovate to answer the increasingly complex challenges of our customers.


Cabinet work in wood or aluminium, exotic materials, specific coverings to meet the demands of the application, choosing the right accessories are all subjects of constant debate to improve the design, the quality and the ergonomy of our mobile units.

Individually designed fitting-out schemes adapted to the geometry of each interior using customised materials and finishing ensure functional qualities that will withstand daily use in a professional environment.

Toutenkamion designs and makes all the fittings in close liaison with the client. Each interior is unique.


As early as 1966, Toutenkamion was pioneering hand lay-up and vacuum moulding of large GFRP parts.

We have developped a unique method for one-shot moulding of structural sandwich panels up to 3.3m x 15m requiring no additional steel framing or reinforcing.


Automatic levelling, automation, radio-control, alarm bulletins, tele surveillance and tele maintenance are just some of the constraints and functions that we integrate into your projects.

Innovation features

In response to an increasing demand by its partners Toutenkamion has put together a new option for your mobile units by combining common sense with advanced technology in order to make substantial energy economies.

Chassis manufacturer

All our trailer and semi-trailer chassis are specifically designed and manufactured. We adapt and transform all commercially available trucks to the needs of the current project.

The roadworthiness of our units depends on the quality and performance of the chassis and we pay particular attention to all aspects of geometry, strength, and stiffness.

Steel, stainless steel and aluminium are brought together in optimal ratios of strength and stiffness to obtain this primary goal.

All our means of access to our vehicles are made to the relevant regulations; public access, labour code...


Air conditioning - Heating

The operators of our products should be able to use them in all types of weather.

For this reason, toutenkamion has developped a strong and indispensable competence in the integration of air conditioning equipement (redundant heating, reversible cycle).

Whenever it is necessary a thermal analysis is carried out in order to specify the best choice of equipements.

All our installations are designed and built using industry standard fittings and equipment so that repair and maintenance are as simple, rapid and low cost as possible.

Our technicians are registered "Refrigerator fluid Handler Operator" and all our gas installations are certified by UTAC.

Paintwork and Decoration

With a shot-blasting booth of 70 sqm, a 450 sqm paintshop that can be divided into 3 or 4 independant areas of up to 200 sqm and an ink jet printer format 3.20 m x 15 m toutenkamion has the answer to all your technical concerns and all your desires for personalised surface treatment, protection and decoration of your units.

The installation, the working methods and the materials we use are in conformity with the relevant rules for the protection of the environment.


Electricity system and Networks

Safety, standards for electric installations, highway code, service availability, automation, information, control...some of the many obligations that, added on to the specific problems related to the mobility of an activity, have forced Toutenkamion to develop strong skills and use its inventiveness in an area where the least fault in design, assembly or of control can lead to severe consequences.

With the arrival of new technologies we have acquired the knowledge to design, install and certify the most complex distribution networks.

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