They integrate a BRS/Feria x-ray equipment from DMS imaging. The image processing station combined with CAD4TB software analysis power allow a simple, fast and economical detection of infectious outbreaks.

3 standard configurations have been developped with specialists and are adaptable to your specific needs. They include a radiology room with leaded walls and door, according to applicable regulations.

Unité mobile tuberculose - Version Small

Small version

In the small version, the medical office, close to the x-ray room, enables the direct and reliable analysis of results.

Unité mobile tuberculose - Version Medium

Medium version

In the medium version, a medical analysis laboratory completes this office

Unité mobile tuberculose - Version Large

Large version

In the large version, this laboratory is a dedicated room, permetting an optimisation of patients flow management, the respect of data confidentiality, and best working conditions for the medical staff.

Patients data transmission with hospital is available as an option.

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