We have thus realized mobile training units on the basis of less than 3,5 tons LDVs to 32 tons extensible semitrailers offering up to 75sqm surface area to ensure training courses in healthcare, heavy truck driving, eco-driving, fire prevention, food professionals, plastics manufacturing, heavy truck mechanics, computer science, electronics...

Some technical elements available

  • Optimized comfort for a more efficient training,
  • Europeans HSE policies respected scrupulously,
  • Optimized implementation time,
  • Various simulation tools (driving, eco-driving, theft, fire,...),
  • Compliant with the public-access building rules,
  • Adapted for the reception of public from « 7 to 77 years»,
  • Extended self-sufficience for long term missions,
  • Advanced broadband connectivity solutions by satellite or integrated 3G/4G key,
  • Up to 75sqm automatical deployment...
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