Initial Guarantee

Our products are guaranteed for one year. This period starts once the unit has left our factory. The guarantee refers to the products entirely made by our company. The guarantee expires after this period.

It covers the repairs of any operating faults or faults in construction that occur during this period.

It will apply only if the equipment has received fair wear and tear and will not be applied in the case of poor maintenance, mis-use or repairs carried out by the client or a third person. The guarantee in our workshops refers to parts judged to be defective.

As a result a check visit under guarantee is available in our workshops for all new vehicles within the 12 months following delivery (ex works), respectively an equivalent inspection visit at the unit.

If you have any of these needs, please feel free to send us your request so that our After-Sales Service team can realize a proposal adapted to the specificity of your unit according to the applicable rules:


901 rue du Lieutenant Thomasset

+33 (0)2 38 95 50 59


Extended guarantee contracts

Your guarantee can be extended up to 5 years.

Maintenance contracts

In case you would like us to take charge of maintaining your units.

Maintenance and/or control contracts for gas and A/C

In case you would like us to take charge of the gas installations and the A/C.

Compulsory periodic controls

In case you would like us to take care of the compulsory periodic checks of your gas and electrical installations.

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