Mobile mammography, an efficient way for early detection and fight against breast cancer in order to save lives.

An early detection for all women

  • Mammography, the breast x-ray, is the most efficient examination for detecting breast cancer. Detecting cancer at its early stages improves care conditions.

  • The use of a mobile mammography unit decreases all inequalities by reaching out to female population. Bringing this tool to women is the insurance of early detection for all, regardless their location, their age or their physical condition.

  • The mammography truck is able to reach places where rate of breast screening is too low. Combining a mobile mammography unit with a screening program is the best way for increasing medical examination participation rate.

3D of a mobile mammography unit on a semi-trailer

Together with our clients, we design spacious and comfortable equipped mobile mammography rooms which can operate independently. As classical medical practices, they can be composed of the same spaces: reception office, waiting room, changing cabin, examination room, mammography, breast ultrasound, exam analysis room, disabled access…

Our design teams provide special care to the framework of the practitioner, the atmosphere and the environment of the unit in order to reduce the stress experienced by women during such an examination.

Mobile mammography, a win-win tool

Wellness for women

  • Mobile medical practice near women’s home
  • Reduced travel and waiting time
  • More serenity and comfort

Benefit for public authorities

  • Efficient networking of the entire territory
  • Optimized screening campaign
  • Early patient care and treatment costs reduction

Some technical elements available

  • Microdose, tomosynthesis, analog, digital mammography,
  • Breast Cancer Screening,
  • Lead-protection adapted to local regulation,
  • Installation of any brands,
  • Gynecological and obstetric exams,
  • Teletransmission by satellite communication or integrated 3G/4G key,
  • Diagnostic tools,
  • Quick deployment,
  • Wheelchair access,
  • Self-sufficiency...

Our mobile mammography units are tailor-made to the mobility solution that meets your needs. Learn more about our mobility solutions.

Heavy truck

Compact, it offers multiple possibilities of arrangements essential to your activity.


Spacious, it is suitable for all your installations requiring a large surface area.

Shelter & Container

Moveable, it is the right compromise between occasional mobility and economic profitability.

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Our most recent achievements in mobile mammography unit

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