It will always be parked in a strategic place, judiciously determined for the targeted customer base. It can be perfectly suited to any type of products: from everyday consumption to food industry, to those, very technical and specific for a professional use, or those classified in the services industry, banking products, insurances, travels, wellness sector... It will be visible with a popular slogan and often highlighted by the addition of options adapted to the range of products sold and to the company represented.

Some technical elements available

  • Double deck, VIP terrace, Products promotion,
  • Increased display surfaces, Varnished total cover sticking on a long term basis,
  • Studied sound system adapted to the planned operating environment,
  • Télétransmission des données par satellite ou clé 3G / 4G intégrée,
  • Electric supply by power generator or solar panels and a fleet of batteries for a more « ecofriendly » image,
  • Safety, ergonomics and easy access, Quick implementation,
  • Up to 75sqm automatical deployment, Wheelchair access,
  • Compliant with the public-access building rules,
  • Adapted for the reception of public from « 7 to 77 years»...
Certification ISO 9001 Toutenkamion Group
Certification ISO 14001 Toutenkamion Group
Opérateur Qualifié UTAC CERAM
Membre de la Fédération Française de la Carrosserie
French Healthcare
La FrenchFab
Région Centre - Val de Loire
Union Européenne - La Région s'engage avec Feder