Some technical elements available

  • Mass catering, Food truck, VIP reception,
  • Professional cooking equipment,
  • Selection of materials and personnalized treatments,
  • Living cell for long term missions,
  • Extended self-sufficience according to the missions,
  • Up to 200 seated people in 170sqm heated and air-conditionned surface,
  • Compliant with the public-access building rules,
  • Adapted for the reception of public from « 7 to 77 years»,
  • Quick deployment, Wheelchair access...
Certification ISO 9001 Toutenkamion Group
Certification ISO 14001 Toutenkamion Group
Certification ISO 9001 Euro-Shelter
Opérateur Qualifié UTAC CERAM
Membre de la Fédération Française de la Carrosserie
French Healthcare
La FrenchFab
Région Centre - Val de Loire
Union Européenne - La Région s'engage avec Feder