Mobile dental clinic's scope of application

Mobile dental clinic equipped

Our tailor-made mobile dental clinics offer the most demanding professionals a working environment similar to the working conditions of a fixed office for several types of application:

  1. Consultation and treatment: to provide dental care in rural or remote areas.
  2. Preventive screening: to quickly identify potential dental problems (orthodontics and stomatology) and thus avoid more complex treatments in the future.
  3. School health program: by visiting schools, to ensure regular dental care for children and facilitate early education in oral hygiene.

Advantages of a mobile dental clinic

Mobile dental clinic layout
  1. Improved accessibility: reduction or elimination of geographic barriers allowing patients to access quality care close to home.
  2. Response to possible emergencies: possibility of sending a mobile dental unit to an emergency, natural disaster or war zone, a place where dental care structures no longer exist.
  3. Awareness: informative platform on the importance of preventive oral care, thus helping to reduce dental problems in the long term.
  4. Soothing setting: intimate and reassuring atmosphere to reduce any patient anxiety.
  5. Place of sharing and social connection: reconnection between citizens and the health system in which some no longer believe.

Ergonomics and adaptability of our traveling medical clinics

Dental mobility thanks to a robust and durable unit
  • Particular attention to the general ergonomics, practicality and adaptability of the mobile unit.
  • Adaptation to all types of terrain and climatic conditions.
  • Autonomy. No connection to a fixed structure necessary.
  • Quality materials to guarantee the durability and robustness of the vehicle.

Some technical details

  • Screening, care, awareness,
  • Intraoral or panoramic radiography > filling adapted to local legislation,
  • Installation of all brands of equipment,
  • Laboratory,
  • Installation of one to three dental seats,
  • Access for people with reduced mobility.

Available in different formats, our mobile dental clinics can reach any location. They are tailor-made for the mobility solution that meets your needs. Learn more about our mobility solutions.

Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)

Handy, it doesn't require a special driving licence and is ideal for intra-urban travels.

Heavy truck

Compact, it offers multiple possibilities of arrangements essential to your activity.


Spacious, it is suitable for all your installations requiring a large surface area.

Shelter & Container

Moveable, it is the right compromise between occasional mobility and economic profitability.

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