Novelty in our medical catalogue with the delivery of a mobile physiotherapy care practice. The quality of our products brings all the necessary comfort for patients and care. 

This mobile physiotherapy unit is not one of our biggest realizations but it brings here a real innovation in medical field and allows our customer Manon MAHE to act closely on patients thanks to the agility of this light vehicle (3,5 tons), but also during sporting events where the need for care can be concentrated for several days. 

This solution will be regularly present at forthcoming equestrian competitions. 


Care room is equipped with a luxury Simplex table realized in collaboration with Franco&Fils, designer-manufacturer of medical equipment.


Once more, the quality of our bodyworks, the development of customized design of the arrangements proposed enable toutenkamion to confirm its skills and know-how for the good completion of this project.

This example also confirms mobile medical units are one of the solutions to answer medical wasteland problems. -FT-

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